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Commercial Fishing Vessel Information

Our Vision at USA Vessels, and the U.S. Admiralty Company, is to enhance United States Commercial Vessels to PASS the test of time. To us, PASS represents what we offer to our Membership: Profitability, Adaptability, Sustainability, and Survivability. Too often the margins are so slim with vessel operation, that any one major change or event can send our vessels, owners, operators back to the pier, instead of being out on the water where they belong.

With that in mind, we offer commercial vessels products and services that are designed to ensure that each owner/operator has everything it needs to operate a profitable, safe, and compliant vessel. One of our first products for the Kodiak Commercial Fishing Fleet is targeted, thorough, and continuously monitored information and updates regarding United States Commercial Fishing Vessel Regulations. We are prepared to invite Commercial Fishing Vessels in Kodiak, and the rest of the state, to become a part of the USA Vessel’s CFV Alaska Fleet. Our affordable fleet membership tiers will ensure that every boat in Kodiak is up to date on the latest news and information regarding changes and implementation of new regulations, good marine practices to ensure regulatory compliance, tips for managing compliance, training, and record keeping, industry news, proposed rules, opportunities to provide feedback to regulators, and access to regulatory appeals advice from Master Marine Surveyors, and former Federal Regulators

Why is the information important?

“The regulatory system currently in place in the United States is designed to promote the safety of people, property, and the environment. This same system can often times be very difficult to understand, keep track of, or quite frankly, find access to. One of our first goals here in Kodiak is to ensure that the information currently available from regulators is available, understood, and explained.” -CEO, USA Vessels

Key Takeaways from the MSIB’s and policy letters displayed in part above:

1. Beginning in 2010, there are an increasing amount of regulations that have been or WILL BE required of the commercial fishing fleet in regards to the safe operation of the vessels.

2. The Certificate of Compliance is what is called for by the law (Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010), however because it has not been rolled out yet, the Approval Sticker or record of recent examination is being accepted in place of. At some point in the future, the complete Certificate of Compliance will be required, in accordance with the published law.

3. A Certificate of Compliance is the equivalent of a domestic Certificate of Inspection, and upon implementation will likely require a significantly larger number of requirements be met to receive and maintain the certificate. COC’s are currently required to be held by Foreign Passenger Ships (Cruise Ships), and Foreign Tank Ships. These Certificate of Compliance is a significantly more involved inspection, and maintenance requirement.

4. The Coast Guard has authorized Third Party Examiners to participate in the examination process, and provide examinations that meet the requirement for the current inspection schedule.


Members of the USA Vessels Fleet

· Receive Targeted information regarding their particular vessel, and what regulations apply.

· Receive Monthly Updates, regarding changes to Policy, Law, or Enforcement notifications.

· Receive exclusive access to an authorized third party Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner, and Master Marine Surveyor with NAVTECH Marine Surveyors association.

· Receive Discounts on Products Designed to establish, maintain, and track regulatory compliance and marine best practices.

Or basic membership plan is being offered now for $19.99 per month, to the first 200 vessels to sign up. We would like to offer members of the Alaska Ground Fish Data Bank the opportunity of becoming charter members of USA Vessels Commercial Fishing Fleet, and will offer one free 15minute consultation phone call to all Alaska Ground Fish Data Bank Members who sign up for the CFV Main Membership Subscription.

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